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Descendants of Samuel Suther


Generation No. 1

1. SAMUEL1 SUTHER was born 18 May 1722 in Switzerland, and died 28 Sep 1788 in Orangeburg County, SC. He married ELISABETH HEYLLMAN, daughter of ANDREAS HEYLLMAN and MARIA GRIMM. She died Unknown.


Arrived in Philadelphia Sept. 1736.


2. i. John Henry2 Suther, b. 2 Oct 1752; d. 1807.

ii. Jacob Suther, b. 3 Jun 1756; d. Apr 1835.

iii. Elizabeth Suther, b. 5 Apr 1760; d. Unknown; m. Keziah Gilsenback, 21 Apr 1795; d. Unknown.

iv. Anna Nancy Suther, d. Unknown; m. Christian Barnhardt; d. Unknown.

3. v. David Suther, b. 1770; d. 21 Apr 1843.


Generation No. 2

2. JOHN HENRY2 SUTHER (SAMUEL1) was born 2 Oct 1752, and died 1807. He married SOPHIA BARNHARDT, daughter of JOHN BARNHARDT and ELIZABETH BERINGER. She died 1815.


i. Elizabeth3 Suther, b. Jun 1779; d. Unknown.

ii. Rineholt Suther, b. 28 Dec 1783; d. 5 Feb 1875; m. Margaret Walter, 18 Jul 1808; d. Unknown.

iii. John J. Suther, b. ABT 1788; d. Unknown; m. Catherine Yoeman, 12 Jul 1817; d. Unknown.

iv. Samuel Suther, b. ABT 1790; d. 13 Apr 1864; m. Elizabeth Misenheimer, 30 Jul 1810; d. Unknown.

v. Daniel Suther, b. ABT 1791; d. Unknown; m. Peggy Cress, 19 Nov 1814; d. Unknown.

4. vi. David Suther, b. 22 Sep 1795; d. 21 May 1878, Cabarrus County, NC.

vii. Esther Suther, d. Unknown.

viii. Amelia Millie Suther, d. Unknown.

ix. Leah Suther, d. Unknown.

x. Sophia Suther, d. Unknown.

xi. Polly Suther, d. Unknown.


3. DAVID2 SUTHER (SAMUEL1) was born 1770, and died 21 Apr 1843. He married CATHERINE ABENDSCHON. She died Unknown.


i. Anna Mary3 Suther, d. Unknown.

ii. Margaret Suther, d. Unknown.

iii. Elizabeth Suther, d. Unknown; m. Martin Walter, 5 Apr 1821; d. Unknown.

iv. Catherine Suther, d. Unknown; m. Henry Long, 20 Jan 1823; d. Unknown.

v. John Allison Suther, d. Unknown; m. Sally Slough, 21 Sep 1831; d. Unknown.

vi. Unnamed Suther, d. Unknown.

vii. Lydia Suther, d. Unknown; m. Conrad Fesperman, 14 Mar 1835; d. Unknown.

viii. Sophia Suther, d. Unknown.

ix. Anna Christine Suther, d. Unknown.

x. Daniel M. Suther, d. Unknown.


Generation No. 3

4. DAVID3 SUTHER (JOHN HENRY2, SAMUEL1) was born 22 Sep 1795, and died 21 May 1878 in Cabarrus County, NC. He married SOPHIE CRESS 25 Dec 1823 in Cabarrus Co., NC. She died 20 Mar 1844.

Children of DAVID SUTHER and SOPHIE CRESS are:

i. Catherine4 Suther, b. 27 Oct 1824; d. 28 Feb 1842, ???<<<; m. Stephan G. Murr, 29 Jul 1847; d. Unknown.

ii. Caleb Alexander Suther, b. 24 Jun 1826; d. 29 Jun 1894; m. Margaret L. Wagoner, 2 May 1849; d. 30 Nov 1850.

iii. John Philip Suther, b. 24 Mar 1828; d. 11 Mar 1911; m. Rosannah Sophia Propst, 26 Aug 1849; b. 15 Sep 1830; d. 4 Oct 1903.

Notes for John Philip Suther:

John enlisted in 21 March 1862 Co. A, 52 Regt. NC Infantry: was POW at Point Lookout, MD.

5. iv. Laura Albertine Suther, b. 9 Mar 1833, Concord, NC; d. 30 Dec 1908, Concord, NC.

v. Moses Suther, b. ABT 1835; d. Unknown; m. Catherine B. Hartson, 28 Nov 1867; d. Unknown.


Generation No. 4

5. LAURA ALBERTINE4 SUTHER (DAVID3, JOHN HENRY2, SAMUEL1) was born 9 Mar 1833 in Concord, NC, and died 30 Dec 1908 in Concord, NC. She married WILLIAM ALLEN PATTERSON 16 Sep 1850 in Cabarrus Co., NC, son of ALEXANDER JR. and JEMIMA MARTIN. He was born 24 Mar 1826 in Concord, NC, and died 5 Jul 1892 in Concord, NC.


2nd. Lt. Patterson served in Company "E" 33rd. near Kinston, NC. Enlisted at age 40. Appointed to 2nd. Lt. on or about September 20, 1861. He saw service in NewBern area in February 1862. Resigned commission on April 23, 1864 due to health reasons. A military MD named Bingham signed a letter asking that Lt. Patterson be excused from service.

General Robert E. Lee, CSA commanding

III Army Corps Lt. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill

Pender's Division Maj. Gen. William D. Pender

Lane's 2nd. Brigade Brig. Gen. James H. Lane

33rd. NC. Col. Clark M. Avery

This division saw battle at Gettysburg which included the 33rd. NC.



6. i. John Richard5 Patterson, b. 19 Jun 1851; d. 18 Jul 1934, Concord, NC.

ii. Catherine Jemima Patterson, b. 9 Nov 1853, Concord, NC; d. 2 Jun 1939; m. Herman C. Quantz, 25 Dec 1873; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

iii. Maria Cress Patterson, b. 2 Apr 1856, Concord, NC; d. 14 Jun 1922; m. John N. Maxwell, 15 Oct 1874; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

iv. Laura Rinda Patterson, b. 7 Jan 1860, Concord, NC; d. 25 Aug 1912; m. Walter Kimmons, 15 Feb 1877; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

Notes for Laura Rinda Patterson:

Laura married John T. Trexler 1-27-1887...married Nelson E. Earnhardt.. no date.

7. v. Edwin Milas Patterson Sr., b. 6 May 1862, Concord, NC; d. 10 Nov 1950.

vi. Emma Jane Patterson, b. 9 Oct 1864; d. Unknown; m. John I. Shaver, 5 May 1884; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

vii. Fannie Alexander Patterson, b. 22 Aug 1873, Concord, NC; d. Unknown; m. Algenon Cornelison, 4 May 1893; b. Unknown; d. 7 Feb 1956, Lower Lake, Ca..


Generation No. 5

6. JOHN RICHARD5 PATTERSON (LAURA ALBERTINE4 SUTHER, DAVID3, JOHN HENRY2, SAMUEL1) was born 19 Jun 1851, and died 18 Jul 1934 in Concord, NC. He married MARY LUCRETIA PROPST 3 Feb 1876, daughter of CAPT. PROPST and HENRITTA RITCHIE. She was born 6 Mar 1857, and died 16 Nov 1889 in Concord, NC.


Was appointed Registrar for Ward #3 Concord precinct #12 in 1897. Buried at N35`25.367 W080`35.570



8. i. Louis Allen Patterson6 Sr., b. 28 Sep 1882, Concord, NC; d. 2 Apr 1962, Concord, NC.

ii. Addie Patterson, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.


7. EDWIN MILAS PATTERSON5 SR. (LAURA ALBERTINE4 SUTHER, DAVID3, JOHN HENRY2, SAMUEL1) was born 6 May 1862 in Concord, NC, and died 10 Nov 1950. He married SADDIE JANET WILEY. She was born 17 Jun 1869 in Neapolis, Va., and died 2 Jan 1937.

Children of EDWIN SR. and SADDIE WILEY are:

9. i. Jessie Wiley6 Patterson, b. 10 Dec 1896; d. 26 Jun 1982.

10. ii. Edwin Milas Patterson Jr., b. 12 Mar 1906; d. 11 Sep 1985, Spencer, NC.


Generation No. 6

8. LOUIS ALLEN PATTERSON6 SR. (JOHN RICHARD5 PATTERSON, LAURA ALBERTINE4 SUTHER, DAVID3, JOHN HENRY2, SAMUEL1) was born 28 Sep 1882 in Concord, NC, and died 2 Apr 1962 in Concord, NC. He married EFFIE ESTELLA MICHAEL 5 Mar 1911, daughter of DANIEL MICHAEL and CORNELIA SINK. She was born 14 Oct 1889 in Lexington, NC, and died 4 Nov 1988 in Concord, NC.

Children of LOUIS SR. and EFFIE MICHAEL are:

i. Louis Allen Patterson7 Jr., b. 24 Dec 1911, Lexington, NC; d. 6 Mar 1991, Concord, NC; m. Nan Lee Justice, Private; b. Private.

Notes for Louis Allen Patterson Jr.:

Louis Patterson entered the Army in April 1943. His service was at Camp Barkley, Texas. He left service in July 1943 due to medical problems.

ii. John William Patterson Sr., b. 3 Sep 1914, Concord, NC; d. 22 Jul 1995, Salisbury, NC; m. Ruth Rufty, Private; b. Private.

Notes for John William Patterson Sr.:

John Patterson was unable to serve in the military due to medical problems. He did work Wright's Automatic Machine Shop, Durham, NC. They built bomb sights for military aircraft.

Family history at:

iii. Frank Earl Patterson Sr., b. 28 Dec 1918, Concord, NC; d. 28 Nov 2002, Concord, NC; m. Ruth Mann, Private; b. Private.

Notes for Frank Earl Patterson Sr.:

Frank Patterson entered the Army in January 1941. Company E, 30th. Division, 119 Infantry. His unit left Boston and landed in South Hampton, England. They visited France, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany. Were in 5 major battles including the Battle of the Bulge. He left service in September 1945.

iv. Dorothy Cornelia Patterson, b. Private; m. George Bagby Brandon Jr., Private; b. 29 Jun 1922, Kannapolis, NC; d. 30 Jun 2001, Salisbury, NC.

Notes for George Bagby Brandon Jr.:

George Brandon entered the Army Air Corp. in March 1943. 93rd. Heavy bomb group. Squad 335 flying B-24's for General Doolittle. Flew 11 missions and shot down on June 11, 1944. He was a navigator. His unit flew to England via Labrador, Iceland and then England. They flew missions all over Europe. He was shot down and spent time in POW camp "Stalag Luft #3 in Sagan, Poland". When Russians got to close they were moved to Moosburg, S. Germany. "Stalag 7A". He left service in September 1945. Returned back to USA at Boston.

v. Mary Lillian Patterson, b. Private; m. James Russell Shropshire Sr., Private; b. Private.

vi. Mildred Ann Patterson, b. Private; m. Boyd Archie Biggers, Private; b. Private.


9. JESSIE WILEY6 PATTERSON (EDWIN MILAS PATTERSON5 SR., LAURA ALBERTINE4 SUTHER, DAVID3, JOHN HENRY2, SAMUEL1) was born 10 Dec 1896, and died 26 Jun 1982. She married LONNIE HUBBERT HEILIG 24 Dec 1918, son of JAMES HEILIG and LUCINDA HOLSHOUSER. He was born 19 Oct 1898, and died 13 Jul 1950 in Granite Quarry, NC.


i. Douglas Patterson7 Heilig, b. 5 Sep 1919; d. 24 Feb 1976; m. Evelyn Mae Tippett, Private; b. Private.


10. EDWIN MILAS PATTERSON6 JR. (EDWIN MILAS PATTERSON5 SR., LAURA ALBERTINE4 SUTHER, DAVID3, JOHN HENRY2, SAMUEL1) was born 12 Mar 1906, and died 11 Sep 1985 in Spencer, NC. He married MARY VIRGINIA RODERICK 22 Dec 1934 in Spencer, NC. She was born 9 Nov 1905, and died 6 Oct 1977.

Child of EDWIN JR. and MARY RODERICK is:

i. Edwin Milas7 Patterson III, b. Private; m. Edna Rose Templeton, Private; b. Private.


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