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Descendants of George Lambly (Lemly)


Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE LAMBLY1 (LEMLY) died Feb 1770. He married CATHARINA. She died Nov 1806.


George Lambly (Lemly) wrote his will in Rowan Co. 28 Dec 1769. It proved in court 17 Feb 1770. In it, he named wife, Catharina, (who m. the neighbor, Conrad Frock, 14 Mar 1772, Rowan Co.; Catharina d. 1806--Loose Estate Papers, Rowan Co.) and the following children:

Joseph, Jacob, Philip, Henry, John, George, and Elizabeth.

One researcher says George Lemly who is listed on the 1761 Rowan Co. Tax

List is also Jerg Lembgen/Yerrick Lamley who arrived on the ship,

Hampshire, in Philadelphia, PA, 1748; age given of 30 ("Pennsylvania

German Pioneers" by Strassburger, pp. 372-376).

Some Info on Lemly family received from Ms. Belinda Rodgers.

Children of GEORGE (LEMLY) and CATHARINA are:

2. i. Philip2 Lemly, b. ABT 1764; d. 23 Dec 1807.

ii. Joseph Lemly, d. Unknown.

iii. Jacob Lemly, d. Unknown.

iv. Henry Lemly, d. Unknown.

v. John Lemly, d. Unknown.

vi. George Lemly, d. Unknown.

vii. Elizabeth Lemly, d. Unknown.


Generation No. 2

2. PHILIP2 LEMLY (GEORGE LAMBLY1 (LEMLY)) was born ABT 1764, and died 23 Dec 1807. He married MARY ELIZABETH KERCHER 1784. She died 20 Mar 1842.


Philip, was b. Abt. 1764 (census records) and d. 23 Dec 1807 ("Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files", Vol. II, F-M, abstracted by Virgil D. White). On 2 Aug 1785, he m. Mary Elizabeth Kecher/Kiker ("Rowan Co. Heritage", Christian Kiker art. 569, p. ?) b. unk.; d. 20 Mar 1842 ("Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files", Vol. II, F-M. Note:

Son, Moses, who applied says Philip and Mary m. 1784).


3. i. Moses3 Lemly, b. 27 Apr 1806; d. 16 Oct 1879.


Generation No. 3

3. MOSES3 LEMLY (PHILIP2, GEORGE LAMBLY1 (LEMLY)) was born 27 Apr 1806, and died 16 Oct 1879. He married SARA BRUNER. She was born 15 May 1806, and died 11 May 1867.


4. i. Philip4 Lemly II, b. 18 Jul 1830; d. 02 Jul 1860.


Generation No. 4

4. PHILIP4 LEMLY II (MOSES3, PHILIP2, GEORGE LAMBLY1 (LEMLY)) was born 18 Jul 1830, and died 02 Jul 1860. He married MARGARET HARKEY 24 Feb 1851 in Rowan County, NC, daughter of HENRY HARKEY and BARBARA MILLER. She was born ABT 1828, and died 01 Jan 1891.


5. i. George Franklin5 Lemly, b. 19 Jan 1856; d. 27 Jul 1891.

ii. Henry Washington Lemly, d. Unknown.

iii. Mary Jane Lemly, d. Unknown.

iv. Elizabeth Lemly, d. Unknown.

v. Nancy S. Lemly, d. Unknown.


Generation No. 5

5. GEORGE FRANKLIN5 LEMLY (PHILIP4, MOSES3, PHILIP2, GEORGE LAMBLY1 (LEMLY)) was born 19 Jan 1856, and died 27 Jul 1891. He married HARRIET LYERLY 28 Mar 1880 in Rowan County, NC, daughter of JACOB LYERLY and NANNY RUFTY. She was born 23 Jan 1864, and died 24 Apr 1935 in Rowan County, NC.


6. i. Nanny Mary Lizer6 Lemly, b. 01 Oct 1885, Rowan Co., NC; d. 26 Jul 1953, Salisbury, NC.

ii. Chalmers Cleveland Lemly, b. 01 Oct 1885; d. 28 Feb 1930, Rowan County, NC.

7. iii. Melanothon Lee Lemly, b. 03 Feb 1882, Rowan County, NC; d. 03 Jan 1957, Rowan County, NC.


Generation No. 6

6. NANNY MARY LIZER6 LEMLY (GEORGE FRANKLIN5, PHILIP4, MOSES3, PHILIP2, GEORGE LAMBLY1 (LEMLY)) was born 01 Oct 1885 in Rowan Co., NC, and died 26 Jul 1953 in Salisbury, NC. She married OLIVER OSCHO RUFTY 02 Jul 1904 in Salisbury, NC, son of THOMAS RUFTY and CATHARINE BRINGLE. He was born 06 Jun 1881 in Rowan Co., NC, and died 31 Mar 1971 in Salisbury, NC.


O.O. Rufty was raised at the old Wilhelm-Rufty Mill, owned and operated by his father on Dutch Second Creek in the St. Matthews Church community. He has owned a General Store in Salisbury, NC since 1933. His business was a family affair. His grandson, "Oscho" now runs the store. It can be found on the World Wide Web at

Family history at:

Children of NANNY LEMLY and OLIVER RUFTY are:

i. Helen Ona7 Rufty, b. 29 Apr 1905, Salisbury, NC; d. 28 Feb 1966, Salisbury, NC; m. William Leroy Holsclaw; b. 28 Dec 1902; d. 09 Sep 1958, Salisbury, NC.

ii. Thomas Rufty, b. 15 Feb 1907, Rowan Co., NC; d. 20 Jan 1911, Salisbury, NC.

iii. Mary Florence Rufty, b. 24 Dec 1908, Salisbury, NC; d. 10 Oct 1989, Salisbury, NC; m. John Craige Sifford, 25 Dec 1937; b. 12 Apr 1901, Cabarrus County, NC; d. 13 Nov 1957, Salisbury, NC.

Notes for John Craige Sifford:

John Sifford did not serve in the military. He was "block captain" to check on lights out, and dark shades, etc.

iv. Addie Catherine Rufty, b. 01 Apr 1911, Salisbury, NC; d. 05 Jan 1989, Salisbury, NC.

v. Oliver James Rufty, b. 27 Aug 1913, Salisbury, NC; d. 30 Apr 1995, Salisbury, NC; m. Nell Garnet Hartline, 25 Nov 1937; b. 17 Sep 1915, Salisbury, NC; d. 22 May 1999, Salisbury, NC.

Notes for Oliver James Rufty:

Oliver Rufty enlisted in the Army on April 5, 1944 and was discharged on May 23, 1946. He served in the417th. 2nd. Quartermaster Depot. He took place in the invasion of Luzon, Phillipines (Manila). He was Technician Fourth Grade.


vi. Raymond Wilson Rufty, b. Private; m. Annie Elizabeth Kluttz, Private; b. 03 Jun 1918; d. 09 Jun 1993, Salisbury, NC.

vii. Earnest Ray Rufty, b. 24 Sep 1917, Salisbury, NC; d. 22 Feb 1920, Salisbury, NC.

viii. Virginia Dare Rufty, b. 14 Oct 1919, Salisbury, NC; d. 16 Dec 2002, Salisbury, NC; m. Guy Leonard Deal, 25 Feb 1946; b. 13 Oct 1910, Rowan Co., NC; d. 05 Jul 2001, China Grove, NC.

Notes for Guy Leonard Deal:

Guy Deal did not see military service. He was a Rowan County farmer. He received an "agrie deferrment." Received in letter May 29, 1998 from my aunt Dare. "Guy had to raise enough points for his self and several more men to work on the farm to help feed the soldiers. He worked on the farm all day and graded sweet potatoes at night, so when that big truck came by the next morning to go directly to camps. As always: Dare Rufty Deal

ix. Fred Council Rufty, b. 21 Oct 1921, Salisbury, NC; d. 01 Mar 2002, Salisbury, NC; m. Ruth Beatrice Schenck, 09 Dec 1943; b. 25 Jul 1925, Rowan County, NC; d. 11 Sep 2001, Salisbury, NC.

Notes for Fred Council Rufty:

Fred Rufty enlisted in the Army in 1943 and was discharged in 1946. He served in the 618th. Ammunition Company, 6th. Eng. Special Brigade. He took part in the invasion at Normandy, France & Germany. He served with Captain Meekinger. His rank was T/5. Citations: Croix De Guerre; with palm; Victory metal; EAMET campaign medal with 3 bronze stars; good conduct metal; distinguished unit badge; meritorius unit award; bronze arrowhead.

x. Ruth Rufty, b. 29 Aug 1923, Salisbury, NC; d. 04 May 2005, Salisbury, NC; m. John William Patterson Sr., 10 Jan 1943, Salisbury, NC; b. 03 Sep 1914, Concord, NC; d. 22 Jul 1995, Salisbury, NC.

Notes for John William Patterson Sr.:

John Patterson was unable to serve in the military due to medical problems. He did work Wright's Automatic Machine Shop, Durham, NC. They built bomb sights for military aircraft.

Family history at:

xi. Harold Edwin Rufty, b. 25 Jun 1926, Salisbury, NC; d. 19 Jan 1999, Salisbury, NC; m. Barbara Morris, Private; b. Private.

Notes for Harold Edwin Rufty:

Harold Rufty served in the Army in World War II. Artillery Observation Battalion. HQBTRY 14th. FAO BSN BN. His commanding General was Patton. He served from April 28, 1945 thru September 26, 1946. He served in Germany as Corporal, prison guard and truck driver. He received decorations & citations, EAME service metal, good conduct metal, WWII victory metal & ETO occupation ribbon.

xii. Charles William Rufty, b. Private; m. Jean Spake, Private; b. Private.


7. MELANOTHON LEE6 LEMLY (GEORGE FRANKLIN5, PHILIP4, MOSES3, PHILIP2, GEORGE LAMBLY1 (LEMLY)) was born 03 Feb 1882 in Rowan County, NC, and died 03 Jan 1957 in Rowan County, NC. He married CORA KING LEMLY 26 Nov 1907 in Rowan County, NC. She was born 10 Jan 1887 in Rowan County, NC, and died 24 Sep 1959 in Rowan County, NC.


i. Margaret Lee Lemly7 Baldini, b. Private; m. Anthony Baldini, Private; b. Private.

ii. William Thomas Lemly, b. Private.

iii. Irving Council Lemly, b. 13 Oct 1919, Rowan County, NC; d. 27 Feb 1993, Durham, NC.


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