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Descendants of Charles Berrier


Generation No. 1

1. CHARLES1 BERRIER1 was born 17251, and died 17891. He married (1) YUNES (EUNICE)11. She was born 1, and died Unknown1. He married (2) JOHANNA. She died Unknown.


Information on Charles Berger/Berrier has been given to me by Ms. Stephanie Harrison.


2. i. John George2 Berrier, b. ABT 1759, Davidson Co., NC; d. ABT 1810, Davidson Co. NC.


Generation No. 2

2. JOHN GEORGE2 BERRIER (CHARLES1)1 was born ABT 1759 in Davidson Co., NC1, and died ABT 1810 in Davidson Co. NC1. He married SUSANNAH SOWERS,(SAUER)1 ABT 1784 in Davidson Co., NC1, daughter of JOHAN SOWERS and CHRISTIANNA FOUST. She was born 27 Nov 1761 in Davidson Co., NC1, and died ABT 1825 in Davidson Co. NC1.


Headstone located on Row 25 #21.


Headstone located on Row 25 #21.


3. i. Henry Berrier3 Sr., b. 20 Dec 1792, Rowan Co. NC; d. 14 Jul 1864, Davidson Co NC.


Generation No. 3

3. HENRY BERRIER3 SR. (JOHN GEORGE2 BERRIER, CHARLES1)1 was born 20 Dec 1792 in Rowan Co. NC1, and died 14 Jul 1864 in Davidson Co NC1. He married SARAH GRIMES1 11 Feb 1813 in Rowan Co. NC1, daughter of JOHN GRIMES and BARBARA FRANK. She was born 23 Dec 1791 in Rowan Co. NC1, and died 10 May 1858 in Davidson Co., NC1.

Children of HENRY SR. and SARAH GRIMES are:

4. i. Solomon4 Berrier, b. 25 Jan 1814; d. 20 Jun 1874, Eureka, Ks..

5. ii. Phebe Berrier, b. 2 Mar 1815, Rowan Co., NC; d. 2 Dec 1898, Davidson Co., NC.

6. iii. Henry Berrier Jr., b. 5 May 1825; d. 5 Nov 1905.


Generation No. 4

4. SOLOMON4 BERRIER (HENRY BERRIER3 SR., JOHN GEORGE2 BERRIER, CHARLES1) was born 25 Jan 1814, and died 20 Jun 1874 in Eureka, Ks.. He married ELIZABETH SINK. She was born 11 Feb 1813, and died 10 Aug 1890 in Eureka, Ks..


i. Susan M.5 Barrier, d. Unknown.

ii. Sarah Ann Barrier, d. Unknown.

iii. Abram Barrier, d. Unknown.

iv. Margaret Eliz Barrier, d. Unknown.

v. Clara Emaline Barrier, d. Unknown.

vi. William Barrier, d. Unknown.

vii. Harlan Winslow Barrier, d. Unknown.


5. PHEBE4 BERRIER (HENRY BERRIER3 SR., JOHN GEORGE2 BERRIER, CHARLES1)1 was born 2 Mar 1815 in Rowan Co., NC1, and died 2 Dec 1898 in Davidson Co., NC1. She married JOHN L. HEDRICK1 3 Feb 1836 in Davidson Co., NC1, son of JOHANN HEDRICK and ELIZABETH SNIDER. He was born 8 Oct 1812 in Rowan Co., NC1, and died 26 Jun 1898 in Davidson Co., NC1.


Headstone located on Row 35 #10.

Notes for JOHN L. HEDRICK:

Headstone located on Row 35 #10.


7. i. Mary Ann5 Hedrick, b. ABT 1833, Davidson Co., NC; d. 29 May 1857, Davidson Co., NC.


6. HENRY BERRIER4 JR. (HENRY BERRIER3 SR., JOHN GEORGE2 BERRIER, CHARLES1) was born 5 May 1825, and died 5 Nov 1905.

Child of HENRY BERRIER JR. is:

8. i. Samuel Thorton Barrier5 Jr., d. Unknown.


Generation No. 5

7. MARY ANN5 HEDRICK (PHEBE4 BERRIER, HENRY BERRIER3 SR., JOHN GEORGE2 BERRIER, CHARLES1) was born ABT 1833 in Davidson Co., NC, and died 29 May 1857 in Davidson Co., NC. She married JOSEPH A. SINK 12 Aug 1851 in Davidson Co., NC, son of ADAM SINK and BARBARY CLODFELTER. He was born ABT 1827 in Davidson Co., NC, and died 11 Dec 1864 in Richmond, Va..


Headstone located on Row 31 #1.

Notes for JOSEPH A. SINK:

Davidson Co., NC 1850 census indicates Joseph Sink was 23 years old. Served in Company "A" 13th. Regiment, in the Civil War. Company muster roll shows he enlisted at Camp Holmes, NC on February 28, 1864. RECORD OF EVENTS from original military records indicate following:

"On the 4th. of May 1864 this Company left camp near Orange Co., Courthouse, Va. and marched about 10 miles from the town in direction of Vidursville and there camped for the night and after quite an early start on the following morning and marching quite rapidly we met the advance force of General Grant in quite an extensive wilderness and rushing on to them we drove them (resisting stubbornly) into quite a march and then halted and engaged them until near night. When we were relieved and retired some three or four hundred yards and retired for the night. Early on the sixth, (the following morning) we were rushed upon by an overwhelming force and we were pressed back until General Longstreet's forces came to our assistance, we were then marched to the left and joined General Ewell's forces and remained in this position until General Grant flanked off to the left and having followed him parallely we then again met him again at Spottsylvania Courthouse, Virginina and having fought him for several successive days and punishing him severely he again flanked off to the left and having followed parallely we again met him at Hanover and fought them on May 23rd on the central railway and whipped them". Notes are signed by 1st. Lt. James N. Williamson, Company A 13 NC.

Records show he was wounded May 5, 1864. The major battle of May 5 & 6, 1864 was "The Battle of the Wilderness". 13th. NC (Scales Brigade - Brig. Gen. Alfred M. Scales & Col. J.H. Hyman) fought in this battle. He rejoined his group in July 1864. Seige of Petersburg in June of 1864, Battle of the "Crater" in July of 1864. Joseph could have taken part in any of these battles. He died in General Hospital Camp Winder, Richmond, Va. on December 11, 1864. Is buried in Richmond, Va. The 13th. NC Regiment of 4th. Brigade fought under command of Col. Joseph H. Hyman & Lt. Col. H.A. Rogers at Gettysburg in July of 1863. 13th. NC was part of the Pender-Scales Brigade of Major Gen. A.P. Hill's famous light brigade. Few regiments in northern Virginia saw more fighting than did this regiment. At Chancellorsville (May 1-4, 1863) the regiment carried 342 men into battle and suffered 203 casualties, included 50 killed. The first day of battle at Gettysburg the 13th. fielded only 185 men. They were part of the force that charged Seminary Ridge, the regiment was shot to pieces. About 150 men fell, leaving only 30 men and 2 officers. On the 3rd. day at Gettysburg, the 13th. participated in the Pettigrew-Pickett charge. Only 22 men returned. Joseph Sink joined a very heroious unit.


May 5-6, 1864

General Robert E. Lee, CSA commanding

III Army Corps Lt. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill


Wilcox's Division Maj. Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox

Scale's 4th. Brigade Brig. Gen. Alfred M. Scales

Scale’s Brigade Brig. Gen. Alfred M. Scales

13th NC Col. J. H. Hyman

16th NC Col. W. A. Stowe 22nd NC

34th NC Col. W. L. J. Lowrance

38th NC Lt. Col. John Ashford

Buried Hollywood Cemetary, Richmond, VA

13th. NC (Joseph A. Sink) Barney Michael's kin by marriage

Joseph Sink's (enlisted 2/28/1864 - died 12/11/1864) unit participated in battles listed below: The 13th. fought in the following battles:


The Wilderness (May 5-6, 1864)

Spotsylvania Court House (May 8-21, 1864)

North Anna (May 22-26, 1864)

Cold Harbor (June 1-3, 1864)

Petersburg Seige (June 1864- April 1865)

Globe Tavern (August 18-21, 1864)

Ream's Station (August 25, 1864)

Fort Harrison (September 29-30, 1864)

Jone's Farm (September 30, 1864)

Children of MARY HEDRICK and JOSEPH SINK are:

9. i. Cornelia Fostine6 Sink, b. 29 Sep 1852; d. 26 Nov 1925, Lexington, NC.

ii. John Franklin Sink, b. 12 Apr 1855; d. 22 Nov 1930, Davidson Co., NC; m. Mary Elizabeth Hedrick; b. 13 Jan 1863; d. 27 Jun 1923, Davidson Co., NC.

iii. Mary Ann Josephine Sink, b. 27 Feb 1857; d. 6 May 1935; m. Jacob Lindley Sink, 29 Apr 1876; d. Unknown.




i. Bessie6 Barrier, d. Unknown.


Generation No. 6

9. CORNELIA FOSTINE6 SINK (MARY ANN5 HEDRICK, PHEBE4 BERRIER, HENRY BERRIER3 SR., JOHN GEORGE2 BERRIER, CHARLES1) was born 29 Sep 1852, and died 26 Nov 1925 in Lexington, NC. She married DANIEL MONROE MICHAEL 21 May 1871 in Davidson Co., NC, son of BARNEY MICHAEL and BARBARA COBB. He was born 22 Nov 1848, and died 17 Dec 1942 in Lexington, NC.


i. John D.7 Michael, b. 2 Feb 1866; d. 28 Mar 1895, Davidson Co., NC.

ii. Mary Eldora Michael, b. 28 Sep 1874; d. 20 Oct 1957, Pilgrim UCC Cem..

iii. Addie L. Michael, b. May 1877; d. 1 Jul 1904, Ebernezer Meth. Cem..

iv. Willie Henry Michael, b. 30 Jul 1879; d. 5 Aug 1902, Davidson Co., NC.

v. Ida Mae Michael, b. 25 Sep 1882; d. 17 Nov 1925, Lexington, NC.

vi. Infant Michael, b. 28 Nov 1885; d. 28 Nov 1885, Davidson Co., NC.

vii. Joseph Earl Michael Sr., b. 24 Nov 1886; d. Unknown, Sarasota, Fl..

10. viii. Effie Estella Michael, b. 14 Oct 1889, Lexington, NC; d. 4 Nov 1988, Concord, NC.

ix. Hattie Rea Michael, b. 3 Apr 1892; d. 1966.


Generation No. 7

10. EFFIE ESTELLA7 MICHAEL (CORNELIA FOSTINE6 SINK, MARY ANN5 HEDRICK, PHEBE4 BERRIER, HENRY BERRIER3 SR., JOHN GEORGE2 BERRIER, CHARLES1) was born 14 Oct 1889 in Lexington, NC, and died 4 Nov 1988 in Concord, NC. She married LOUIS ALLEN PATTERSON SR. 5 Mar 1911, son of JOHN PATTERSON and MARY PROPST. He was born 28 Sep 1882 in Concord, NC, and died 2 Apr 1962 in Concord, NC.

Children of EFFIE MICHAEL and LOUIS SR. are:

i. Louis Allen Patterson8 Jr., b. 24 Dec 1911, Lexington, NC; d. 6 Mar 1991, Concord, NC; m. Nan Lee Justice, Private; b. Private.

Notes for Louis Allen Patterson Jr.:

Louis Patterson entered the Army in April 1943. His service was at Camp Barkley, Texas. He left service in July 1943 due to medical problems.

ii. John William Patterson Sr., b. 3 Sep 1914, Concord, NC; d. 22 Jul 1995, Salisbury, NC; m. Ruth Rufty, Private; b. Private.

Notes for John William Patterson Sr.:

John Patterson was unable to serve in the military due to medical problems. He did work Wright's Automatic Machine Shop, Durham, NC. They built bomb sights for military aircraft.

Family history at:

iii. Frank Earl Patterson Sr., b. 28 Dec 1918, Concord, NC; d. 28 Nov 2002, Concord, NC; m. Ruth Mann, Private; b. Private.

Notes for Frank Earl Patterson Sr.:

Frank Patterson entered the Army in January 1941. Company E, 30th. Division, 119 Infantry. His unit left Boston and landed in South Hampton, England. They visited France, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany. Were in 5 major battles including the Battle of the Bulge. He left service in September 1945.

iv. Dorothy Cornelia Patterson, b. Private; m. George Bagby Brandon Jr., Private; b. 29 Jun 1922, Kannapolis, NC; d. 30 Jun 2001, Salisbury, NC.

Notes for George Bagby Brandon Jr.:

George Brandon entered the Army Air Corp. in March 1943. 93rd. Heavy bomb group. Squad 335 flying B-24's for General Doolittle. Flew 11 missions and shot down on June 11, 1944. He was a navigator. His unit flew to England via Labrador, Iceland and then England. They flew missions all over Europe. He was shot down and spent time in POW camp "Stalag Luft #3 in Sagan, Poland". When Russians got to close they were moved to Moosburg, S. Germany. "Stalag 7A". He left service in September 1945. Returned back to USA at Boston.

v. Mary Lillian Patterson, b. Private; m. James Russell Shropshire Sr., Private; b. Private.

vi. Mildred Ann Patterson, b. Private; m. Boyd Archie Biggers, Private; b. Private.




1. Brψderbund Software, Inc., World Family Tree Vol. 6, Ed. 1, Release date: August 22, 1996, Tree #3845, Date of Import: Jan 11, 1998.


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